The best feeling in the world for a car enthusiast is splurging a little on their tuner car. Here are the ten best car mods as a quick fix to that addiction, without breaking the bank.

10. Shift Knob


If you drive a manual car, it sucks driving with a cheap plastic feeling shift knob. You want to find a shift knob that looks good, feels solid, but also don’t burn you in the hot summer days.

9. Short Throw Shifters


Feel like a race car driving, with a short throw shifter. This upgrade will shorten the distance to shift to the next gear, providing you with a quicker and smoother shifting experience.

8. Interior Lighting


Cheap OEM lighting inside your car makes it feel dull and gloomy when you enter your car. Change that up with some bright white LED lights from eBay.

7. HID Conversion Kit

2009 Lincoln MKS: Adaptive Headlamps with Standard High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps enhance nighttime visibility by illuminating more of the road and reducing glare from oncoming traffic. Sensors monitor vehicle speed and steering wheel input engaging electric motors that pivot the left headlamp up to five degrees and the right headlamp up to 15 degrees to increase the driverÕs field of vision.

It’s a huge safety concern when you can’t see at night. Upgrading to HID solves that problem because HIDs provides a bluer light that is closer to natural light than the light from halogen bulbs, providing way better visibility at night.

6. Synthetic Oil

Fresh oil pouring into a car engine during a service

Running synthetic oils have the benefits of offering better viscosity (oil resistance to flow and shear) at both low and high temperatures and no oxidation of the oil or creation of sludge giving your engine a longer life.

5. Window Tint


It’s not comfortable getting into a car on a hot summer day and taking upwards to 15 minutes for your air condition to start blasting out cold air. Window tint can give you that comfort by reducing heat inside the car by up to 60%. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Tinting Your Car Windows.

4. Backup Camera


Sometimes curbs get the best of us. Save your wheels and improve your safety by investing in a backup camera.

3. Ceramic Brake Pads + Steel Brake Lines


No one likes the mushy feeling of worn out brakes. It’s definitely even scarier when you don’t know if you can stop in time when the car in front of you slams on the break. Ceramic brake pads are a great upgrade because it provides a lot less brake dust providing longevity of your rotors and pads, and added benefits of less noise of conventional brakes.

2. Performance Air Filter

This benefit is simple: clean air = more power. A better air filter also prevents more harmful contaminants from entering the engine.car-engine-motor-clean-customized-159293

1. Autocross Events


Driving in rush hour isn’t fun and there’s no point doing performance upgrades without enjoying it on the track. Though auto-cross is not a full blown race track, you’ll have so much fun zig-zagging through the course and really gain an understanding of how your car handles, and where you need to improve next.

Source: Drives Late

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